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A plugin to make and keep your players active!

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Designed from the ground up not to impact server performance!

60+ Missions

Customize how you reward players with over 60 unique missions!


With over 50 five star reviews, you know we're trustable!

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mistergoliath's Profile Picture
mistergoliath -

"This plugin is just awesome !
I hope you will continue developing and improving this."

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BlackGamer000 -

"BattlePass allows you to make a lot of missions: You can enjoy easy configuration files, you can customize almost everything, the wiki is constantly updated and the Support is fast."

HrCrazy's Profile Picture
HrCrazy -

"A great, plugin, for your players to compete for special rewards, getting missions weekly, and other things, WOULD RECOMMEND THIS TO EVERY SERVER :D"

Corentinrce's Profile Picture
Corentinrce -

"The plugin is perfect, I advise you to buy it. The dev responds very quickly in private message and is really effective"

TNG_From's Profile Picture
TNG_From -

"Fast support and friendly dev, great and easy to use gui in 2.0, if you need a plugin that keep players active, that's it."

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Glazegan -

"Very active developer, extremely helpful and with a very nice. Pretty cool plugin, for sure worth being premium. Keep up the good work! :D"

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