Work Experience

Support Intern

KyraHosting Ltd.

04/2019 - 07/2019

At KyraHosting, I provided support for many services to clients through Discord and the WHMCS ticket panel. This was my starting point of gaining experience in the business environment and handling customers.

Technical Intern

Solsoft Ltd.


At Solsoft, I mainly worked as a technical intern, however, I was also allowed to shadow many other departments, giving me a wide understanding of the business environment. Additionally, during my one-week placement, I wrote an analytical document assessing product benefits.

Support Representative

Cube Development

04/2018 - Present

I am an ongoing support representative for Cube Development in my free time, where I give support for many products. This was where I was also encouraged to learn Java, which has now become a big part of my experience.

Java Developer


03/2019 - Present

I have worked at SpaceCadets for a decent amount of time, and through working there, I have gained a huge amount of expertise in the development of Java plugins for Minecraft, as well as advancing my coding experience in general.


Secondary School

St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School

09/2015 - Present

During my time at St. Mary Redcliffe and Temple School, I studied my GCSE subjects: Computer Science, Business Studies, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English Literature, English Language, Religious Studies and Mathematics.




Customer Support




Contact Info

Zak Shearman
Bristol, United Kingdom


My main hobbies are in coding and development. I like to contribute to the open-source community a lot, so I spent a lot of my time making code to put on GitHub or just poking around the platforms. Additionally, I sometimes enjoy some relaxed time producing music and writing songs, a way of escaping some of the modern-day once in a while.